Health Awareness Camp at BOSCO Yuvakendra

Submitted by bosconrd on Oct 12, 2017 Aone-day health camp was organized for BOSCO Yuvakendra and BOSCO Sumanahalli youth,at BOSCO Yuvakendra by the Health Care Department of BOSCO Bangalore, on October 8, 2017. Dr. Abraham, Community Health Department, St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore, gave awareness on personal hygiene, common sicknesses, consequences of smoking, alcoholism and tobacco chewing. The boys were administered required medication at the venue.
Medicines were given for common ailments like cold, cough, body pain, etc. Further treatment was prescribed for 30 boys with visual ailments, skin disorders, dental issues, ENT, TB and other complications. The Camp was conducted by a team of doctors fromCommunity Health Department, St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore. Thirty-five boys from BOSCO Sumanahalli and forty-three boys from BOSCO Yuvakendra availed the services at the camp.
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