Submitted by bosconrd on Oct 12, 2017 Leadership Training for Child Rights Club (CRC) Leaders of Schools was organized by BOSCO CREAM project at BOSCO Mane, Chamarajpeton October 6 and 7, 2017.Fr. Binny, Director, BOSCO Mane, in his inaugural address enlightened the children about child right clubs, its need in schools, and itsaim.Addressing the children, Mr. ShivamalluCoordinator, Foster Care Program, BOSCO, Bangalore,introduced the children to project CREAM, and explained the objectives. Mr. Ramaswamy, Coordinator, BOSCO CREAM enabled children to recapitulate childrights.
Fr.Reji, Director, BOSCO Nilaya, animated the session on ‘Self-Acceptance, Self-Knowledge’, stressing the importance of education in one’s life,insisting on children to develop appreciable qualities, values of life, camaraderie and unity through action songs, dance and motivational videos.Fr. Prasad, Director, BOSCOSummanahalli,facilitatedthe session on ‘Team work’. Fr. Ruben Mathew, irector, BOSCODYuvodaya spoke on the topic‘Leadership’.
Children were divided into three groups and elections for District Level Federation of CRC were held.Group members were invited to cast their vote and elect their leaders in a democratic way. Elected leaders were oriented about their roles, responsibilities and duties by Mr. Shivamallu.
The training was presided over by Fr. Regi Jacob, Director BOSCO Nilaya, Bangalore, Fr. Binny, Director, BOSCO Mane, Fr. John M A, Director, BOSCO Rainbow Home, Baby Roshini and Mater Sanjay A, Child Representatives, Janaki Hullu and Daisey Rani, Teacher Representatives were present for the programme. The two-day training was attended by 68 CRC Leaders and 7 teachers from 17 schools.

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