Training Programme on Juvenile Justice Act

Submitted by bosconrd on Feb 22, 2018 Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU), BOSCO Bangalore, organized a training programme on Juvenile Justice Act (JJ Act) for police officials of Bangalore West Division at BOSCO Yuvodaya, Gandhinagar, Bangalore on February 21, 2018. In his keynote address, Basavaraju PN, Coordinator, SJPU, BOSCO, Bangalore briefed about the goals and objectives of the training programme. Speaking on the occasion, Rohith C G, DGP Training Officer, Bangalore said, “The future of children is important and thus any decision taken should be in the best interest of the child”. Fr. Prasad, Director, CHILDLINE, BOSCO, Bangalore stressed the importance of the role of Police in protecting children.
Basavaraju PN facilitated the session on ‘JJ Act 2015 and Model Rules’. Fr. Prasad explained about CHILDLINE – its structure, procedure and the helpline number (1098) and the support of police in dealing with the cases related to children. PG Rohith, DGP Training officer, Bangalore animated the session on ‘POCSO Act 2012’. Ramaswamy, Coordinator, Child Rights Education and Action Movement (CREAM), briefly explained about the rights of children and child protection mechanisms. Shivamallu, Coordinator, Foster Care, BOSCO, Bangalore spoke about the objectives and aims of the project. Manjunath MG, Coordinator, Missing Child Bureau, Bangalore Urban District explained about the project. Kavitha, Social Worker, SJPU, BOSCO Bangalore welcomed the gathering and Ramaswamy proposed the vote of thanks. Thirty-five police personnel and twenty one staff members participated in the programme.
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