Women’s Day Celebration at BOSCO Nilaya

Submitted by bosconrd on Mar 10, 2018 BOSCO CREAM Project organized International Women’s Day for the members of Srushti Self Help Group (SHG) and Sadhana Mahila Sanga, at BOSCO Nilaya on March 8, 2018. In the keynote address, Fr. Regi Jacob, Director BOSCO Nilaya, said, “Everyone should join hands to protect women and promote gender equality”.
In her inaugural address, Malarvizhi Balachandar, Programme Officer, Action Aid, said, “Men and women are equal. Mutual respect and understanding are essential in every society”. Addressing the group, Fr Mathew Thomas, Executive Director, BOSCO Bangalore, said that women’s contributions to the society are remarkable. Everyday should be celebrated as women’s day. Sharanamma, Police Constable, Cotttonpet, Bangalore, said, “Police is your friend in need. There is a wing for women assistance in every police station. So approach this wing for assistance at any time”.
The event included cultural programs by children, competitions and party games. Menaka, Community Mobilzer, BOSCO Nilaya welcomed the gathering and Annamal, Community Mobilizer, BOSCO Nilaya proposed the vote of thanks. Fr Rubin Mathew, Director, BOSCO Yuvodaya and Mr. Ramaswamy, Coordinator, CREAM were present for the programme. Hundred and thirty-seven SHG members participated in the programme.
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