Convergence Meeting Organized

Submitted by bosconrd on Apr 11, 2018 A convergence meeting for like-minded people from government and non-government organizations was organized at BOSCO Nivas, Shivajinagar, Bangalore, to address the issue of child labor prevalent in the area on the April 5, 2018. The meeting was held to arrive at a plan of action to enroll the children employed in various establishments in Shivajinagar area, back to schools. Fr. Mathew Thomas, Executive Director, BOSCO Bangalore, in his Key note address invited everyone present to be a community that cares, understands and leads in bringing about a change in the lives of the children.
Mariswamy, Member, KSCPCR, Bangalore, stated that the focus should be on children as we work with the poor and marginalized sections of society. Networking with the community, holding a dialogue, involving the political machinery and above all an inclusive approach should be adopted.
Fr. Regi Jacob, Director Nilaya and Nivas, Fr. Prasad SDB, Director, BOSCO CHILDLINE, Nagamani, Nodal coordinator, Vishalakshi, CHILDLINE Coordinator, APSA CHILDLINE, Gunasheela, Radha, APSA CHILDLINE, Basavaraj PN, Coordinator, SJPU, BOSCO, Shivamallu, Coordinator, BOSCO Foster Care Program, Ramaswamy, Coordinator, CREAM, BOSCO Bangalore, Jyothi, ASI, Broadway Police, Ward 92 representatives, Caring Community members, Motor Parts Gujri and staff of Nivas and Nilaya were present for the meeting.
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