Focus Group Discussion at BOSCO Mane

Submitted by bosconrd on Aug 06, 2018 Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU), BOSCO, Bangalore, organized a focus group discussion with parents of children in conflict with law of West Division, Bangalore at BOSCO Mane, Bangalore, on July 29, 2017. Fr. C V George, Director, SJPU, Bangalore, inaugurated the program and exhorted parents to ensure that their children do not end up becoming habitual offenders. He spoke about the importance of child rearing and providing a good family environment to the children. Basavaraju P N, Coordinator, SJPU, BOSCO, Bangalore, explained in detail about child protection, child rights, POSCO Act, child marriage and child trafficking citing various examples. The participants were shown a video on Child Marriage. He also spoke about the importance of children’s follow-up and present situation of the non-serious offences.
The resource person asked the parents to immediately contact the social worker in BOSCO whenever they required assistance. He asked the children to make use of the services of BOSCO for counseling and vocational training. Two youth enrolled themselves for skill training in BOSCO after the discussion. Kavitha, Social Worker, SJPU, BOSCO Bangalore, shared that the reports on home visits, counseling sessions with the children and behavior of the children were submitted to Juvenile Justice Board regularly. Eleven parents and nine children participated in the discussion.
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