Child Right Clubs Federation Meeting Held

Submitted by bosconrd on Nov 02, 2018 CREAM, BOSCO organized planning meeting with Child Rights Club (CRC) District Level Federation Leaders at BOSCO Nilaya, Bengaluru, on October 27, 2018. Speaking on the occasion, Fr. Regi Jacob, Director, CREAM Project, BOSCO Bengaluru, said, “The leaders have a crucial role to play at the child rights clubs. You have to make a difference”. He motivated the leaders to become a medium of change for the wellbeing of children by restoring the rights of the vulnerable children. Leaders were told about Project Cradle, female infanticide, abortion, etc. Few relevant incidents were shared.
Leaders decided to create awareness about child rights and child related issues during Children’s Day Celebration at their schools. They identified some of the most vulnerable areas such as Giripuram, Gavipuram and Guttahalli from where many child related issues were being reported. They planned to spread awareness in these areas during Child Rights Week through a signature campaign. Mr. Ramaswamy, Coordinator, CREAM Project, BOSCO Benguluru, spoke on the occasion. Six CRC Federation leaders attended the meeting.
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