Parents Meeting at Bosco Vatsalya Bhavan

Submitted by bosconrd on Mar 19, 2019 BOSCO Vatsalya Bhavan, Bengaluru organized parents meeting at the centre on March 17, 2019. Dr. Abrahim, St. Martha’s Hospital, Bengaluru addressed the gathering and spoke about general health care and personal hygiene. He also insisted the parents to keep themselves healthy by way of taking healthy food, exercising, having proper sleep, etc. He spoke about the ill effects of smoking, excess use of mobile phones and other unhealthy habits. Later, a general health checkup for the parents and the guardians was organized. The Coordinator interacted with the parents individually and discussed about their children’s progress. Ms. Prathiba, Team Member, welcomed the gathering and proposed the vote of thanks. Thirty parents attended the meeting and availed the services of the health camp.
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