Non- Serious Case Consultation at BOSCO Mane

Submitted by bosconrd on Apr 02, 2019 Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU), BOSCO, Bengaluru, organized consultation with parents of children in conflict with law of South Division, Bengaluru at BOSCO Mane, Bengaluru, on March 24, 2019. Fr. C V George, Director, SJPU, Bengaluru, inaugurated the program and exhorted parents to ensure that their children do not become habitual offenders. Basavaraju P N, Coordinator, SJPU, BOSCO, Bengaluru, explained in detail about child protection, child rights, POSCO Act, child marriage and child trafficking citing various examples. The participants were shown a video about the Child Marriage and Substance Abuse. He also spoke about the importance of children’s follow-up and present situation of the non-serious offences.
The resource person asked the children to make use of the services of BOSCO for counseling and vocational training. Some of the parents shared the difficulties they faced in dealing with the police and the legal advisors. They were assured that the matter would be looked into and taken up with the higher officials. Eighteen parents including their children participated in the discussion.
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