Life skills and Spoken English Classes

Submitted by bosconrd on Apr 04, 2019 BOSCO Computer Training Project, BOSCO Mane, Bengaluru, organized life skill sessions and spoken English sessions for the computer trainees at BOSCO Mane from February 2019 to March 2019. The sessions were facilitated by the faculty from Creating Future, Bengaluru. The life skills such as self-awareness, communication, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal skills were taught through various activities like ‘car and driver’, ‘balloon tower’, ‘question framing’, ‘answering questions’, ‘story building’, ‘making maximum squares using minimum match sticks’, ‘bing, bang, bong and rabbit, arrow, wall’ and moral stories like ‘thirsty crow’, ‘monkey and the crocodile’, etc. Spoken English classes included basics of English, grammar, making sentences and basic communication in English through activities like playing word puzzle, word building and anthakshari. Thirty-three computer trainees attended the classes.
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